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1880 Morgan Silver Dollar

1880 Morgan Silver Dollar was minted at 4 mints that year. Many people like to know what is the value of an 1880 Morgan Silver dollar. To really know what your coin is worth you need to know some facts about it.

Mint State: Coins are graded on a numeric basis where 1 is the lowest and 70 is the highest with Morgan Dollars you will not see a 70 as the just did not have the technology we have today.

What you want to see on the coin is no signs of wear, the word liberty on the crown should be sharp as well as the eagle's breast and tail feathers.

1880 Philadelphia Silver Dollar:If your coin is under a mint state 60 the value of your Morgan Silver Dollar is less than $50 Varieties include 8 over 7 over-dates which show a 7 beneath the second 8 of the date. A pr69 did sell for more than $50,000

Mintages: Circulation strikes: 12,600,000 Proofs: 1,355 mint mark: None (Philadelphia)

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1880-S Morgan Silver Dollar: Morgan Dollars from the San Francisco mint are known for being struck well and visually appealing as they cleaned the dies more often. As far as what the coin is worth you want to have this coin in a "ms" 64 or above Two rare over-dates include one with a 7 under the second 8 of the date and 1 more with a 9 under the 0.

Details: Circulation strikes: 8,900,000 Mint mark: "S" for San Francisco just under the bow on the reverse

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1880-O Morgan SILVER DOLLAR:Unlike San Francisco, Many New Orleans had poor striking quality, so if you can fine a high quality "DMPL" they will bring more Deep Mirror Proof likes are very scarce and Gem examples are extremely rare. If you believe you have a coin with a high grade get it graded.

Mintage: Circulation strikes: 5,305,000 Mint mark: "O" for New Orleans, beneath the bow on the reverse

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Now if you collect Morgan Dollars I Don't have to tell you what is next.

The 1880-CC Morgan Silver Dollar:scarce in Uncirculated condition, but still obtainable if you do plan on selling this coin you probably should get it graded you never know you may have a mint state 65 if not still worth a few hundred remember the higher the grade the more it is worth.

The 1880-CC Morgan Silver Dollar also had a few varieties 1880-CC, Second 8 over a high 7 (rare)

1880-CC, Second 8 over 7, Reverse of 1878 (very rare) 1880-CC, Second 8 over a low 7 (rare)

1880 over 79-CC, Reverse of 1878

Mintage: Circulation strikes: 591,000 Mint Mark: "CC" for Carson City, beneath the bow on the reverse

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OK that covers 1880 Silver Dollars if you would like to know more please feel free to send me an email. Morgan Dollars have a rich history and a great track record if you know what coins to collect you can do very well. You never know many coins have out paced stocks, no surprise today.

If you have some coins left to by family take some time and learn a little about collecting, and pass these down to your kids, after all I am sure you wish your parents or grandparents left you some Carson City coins, right?

Get your coin portfolio started with a 1880 Morgan Silver Dollar for more on Silver Dollars check Morgan Silver Dollars for sale

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