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1882 Morgan Silver Dollar

The 1882 Morgan Silver Dollar was minted at 4 US Mints just like the 1881 Morgan Silver Dollar. A lot people want to know how much a 1882 Morgan Silver Dollar is worth today.

To Answer that question lets look at the different mints. As am sure you know even if your not a Silver Dollar collector condition is important.

1882 Philadelphia: Look for this coin to be at least Brilliant uncirculated, coins under that are not going to fetch much if you feel you have a great example maybe a proof like quality coin get it graded or if you think it may be above a mint state 65. Always grade your coins by NGC, PCGS or ANACS.

If you are lucky enough to have a real proof as you may already know it is pretty scarce depending on condition differences of thousands of dollars.

Circulation strikes: 11,100,000 Proofs:1,100 Mint mark: None Philadelphia

1882-o Silver Morgan Dollar: Look to have this coin in brilliant uncirculated as well gets harder to find in mint state 65 or above if you a deep mirror proof like have it graded.

A rare variety of the 1882-o in brilliant uncirculated is the o over the s o/s the O is sometimes seen punched over a prior S.

Circulation strikes: 6,090,000 Mint mark:O New Orleans under bow on the reverse

1882-s Morgan Silver Dollar: Unless you have this coin in ms 65 or better no real need to have it graded. The only real rare ones would be a deep mirror proof like Still a beautiful example of the San Francisco minting coin should have nice strike and luster.

Mint mark: "S" San Francisco under the bow on the reverse

Circulation strikes:9,250,000

1882 Carson City Morgan Silver Dollar: Try to have this coin in Brilliant uncirculated condition having it in almost uncirculated or below falls off by $100. This year is a little more common from Carson City however still an important coin for your collection. Proof likes will be tougher to find an exceptional coin would be in mint state 66 or 67.

Mint mark: Carson City beneath bow on reverse Circulation strikes:1,133,000

Depending on what you are doing with your portfolio for this year if you have the funds available add proofs to your collection as they tend to rise higher and faster. Carson City always makes a great addition, the 1883 Morgan Silver Dollar Carson City has a little better track record.

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