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Know the Grading System for Morgan Dollars

The grading system for silver dollars helps you find the Morgan dollar to complete or begin your collection. All coin collectors and dealers use a standardized system to grade Morgan silver dollars.

When minting was low the Morgan dollar is valued highly, but other factors – like its condition – also determine what you’ll pay. Key date coins are especially difficult to find because only a few were minted during a certain time or because there may have been an error during production.

Coins may be graded by numbers, such as 1 through 70, 70 being the best condition possible for a coin and 1 being a damaged coin.

Look at photos of the coin if you’re thinking of buying online. Also take into consideration its rating. But beware that a seller may grade a coin too high because they’re inexperienced or want a higher price for the coin.

A Morgan dollar may be graded low because of the following conditions:

Details are worn, but the date is readable.

The words etched on the coin are worn into the edge, but still readable.

Some details of the coin (such as Liberty’s hair) are worn, but others are clear.

A Morgan dollar is rated good to high when the following conditions are met:

The coin is worn, but the main design is prominent.

Some original mint luster is visible on a highly rated coin.

It’s fun to search for a Morgan dollar treasure and you’ll know that you got your money’s worth when you know how they’re graded.

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